Press Release

Press Release

Every 3rd woman affected!
New Internet Specialty Web Site: online.

Medical internet site with integrated physician contact that provides women with detailed information and concrete help for uterine fibroid – related symptoms.

Berlin 5/22/2012: On May 23rd 2012 the Online Web Site for the Initiative will go live officially. This specialty web site offers german speaking women who suffer from myoma symptoms detailed and medically-scientifically based information about uterine fibroids and all treatment options. It’s the first speciality website from an interdisciplinary perspective. The accuracy of the specialty information is ensured by the quality control provided by an interdisciplinary physician committee.

Physicians have agreed to give detailed education on treatment options
This site offers women looking for advice also the possibility to contact physicians who work in the specialty areas of Gynecology / Interventional Radiology, who have guaranteed detailed patient educations and consult for all treatment options. In order to ensure detailed patient consultation only physicians are accepted to be listed in the database who have agreed to give detailed patient education prior to admission.

Information creates Safety
“We are strengthening ourselves to give neutral and detailed information about uterine fibroids and its treatment options by working in cooperation with medical people.” explains Juliane Zielonka, Founder of the Initiative “ We are striving to support women to find the optimal solution for themselves after being diagnosed with uterus myomatosus”  she continues.

The online marketing communications specialist is convinced that such an online site is desperately needed   since her own experiences in 2010. One-sided and insufficient information about uterus myomatosus and her desire for organ preservation gave her the idea for this solution.

Positive Response by Medical Associations
The specialty web site has already found support among gynecologists and representatives of medical associations. “It is important that women affected by uterine fibroids be given detailed information about all treatment options” says Professor Dr. Klaus Friese, MD, President of the German Gynecology and Obstetrics Association (DGGG). “The modern gynecology already offers careful myoma treatment options today, which often enable the preservation of the uterus.” Professor Friese continues. “ It is most important that we be given the opportunity to carefully examine the tissue in order to not miss a malignant process”.

Professor Dr. Thomas Helmberger, MD, former President of the German Association for Interventional Radiology and minimally invasive therapy (DeGIR) and his successor Prof. Dr. med. Dierk Vorwerk also support detailed information and consult. “In contrast to surgical uterine fibroid removal, affected women today also have non-surgical methods for treatment, where gynecologists and interventional radiologists work together.” explains Prof. Helmberger. “In order to find the best individual solution for the patient,  gynecologists and interventional radiologists must work hand-in-hand when choosing the most suitable treatment option.”

Interdisciplinary Cooperation and Knowledge Transfer
The specialty web site is much more than an informative platform; it bundles experts in one location and creates a cooperative network of physicians who support the best-possible education and treatment of women with uterine fibroid related symptoms. It also supports the processing of an evidence-based knowledge transfer.

Uterus Myomatosus
Medical term for benign muscle tissue nodules (myomas) in the uterus. In Germany 1 in 3 women has myomas. Due to their benign nature myomas that do not cause symptoms do not require treatment. About 20% of affected women have symptoms due to the myomas. Depending on the number, location and size of the myomas they can lead to severe and persisting menstrual bleeding, sometime resulting in anemia. They can cause pressure pain with or without lower abdominal pain, fatigue, infertility and miscarriages.

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